CPO As A Service

We have been hiring and running tech teams for many years around the world and we can help you find the right people for your venture and build a real and strong team for you. 

Product Leadership

It is our duty to deliver value at the intersection of customers, technology, and business/operations.

We offer that, based on our solid experience in digital product management. A personal goal is to have more impact on defining & delivering large scale digital products to the market in complex organizations.

We have worked successfully for many years as the CPO and CxO of companies of different sizes and maturity stages.

We offer 20+ years of increasing leadership responsibility (up to 250 employees) & general management, combined with a demonstrable strong P&L and commercial experience as CEO/Managing Directors.

In these positions, we delivered results in digital positions with companies of one founder to 100,000 employees in multiple industries.
Our expertise is based on a proven track record in B2C and B2B agile digital product leadership & innovation (product strategy – agile ways of working – product delivery).
Hiring us does not lead to a lengthy onboarding process. We have the ability to quickly understand a new context in complex environments and deliver relevant results.

We have always been excited about the technology-enabled change of customer behavior and its impact on business strategy and strategy implementation.

We help you build products for a digital future.

AS CPO you may hire us for interim management positions to enable and empower your product organization or foster a product thinking environment in your company. We’re well suited and experienced in organizing agile processes and teams.