World Product Day 2020

World Product Day is an annual event to celebrate our craft and community.
It is brought to us by our friends from Mind The Product.
This day will raise awareness of and appreciation for the craft of product management and our global tribe of product people!
We’re excited to meet – this year virtually – as many product people around the world as possible to celebrate our craft, to discuss and to learn.

Celebrate with us on May 27th!

This year we cleared our calendars for you

We'd like to give back to the community and product people around us.
You may book us for free for a 30-minute-checkup and consultancy.
Click on the link below and discuss with us your own ideas and questions or some of these topics:
  • Toolsets
  • Roadmapping
  • Prioritization
  • Stake holder management
  • How do I sell a ‘No’ to my CEO?
  • Product team building
  • Hiring great product managers
  • Product career management
  • Product leadership
  • Processes & Alignment

Bernhard Hecker

B2B Product Expert

over 30 years experience in B2B product management, builduig large, global product teams. Coaching and mentoring of startups and product managers.

Martin Wartig

B2C Product Expert

over 20 years experience in growing large B2C Product Teams, hiring product managers and empowering teams.