Venture Consulting

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We help you create and launch your own, branded startup unit based upon the highly effective and efficient Venture Client model.

​In just a few weeks!

Startup strategy     ​We help you define, for which business units to source for startup innovations, and we define the basic selection criteria.

Process & structure     We adapt the proven Venture Client model to  specifics os your organisation. The Venture Client model allows you to attract and transfer top startups fast and efficiently, without the need for investment or an accelerator or incubator.

Training     We teach your team  in the Venture Client methodology. 

Corporate identity      We create name, logo and CI for your Venture Client startup unit, so you can brand and promote it within your company and the the global venture community.

Website & social media     We design, create and launch the website and social media of your Venture Client startup unit   so   you can communicate to the venture community and interact with startups right away.  

Co-Innovation     ​We source, select and evaluate the best startups. We then enable the transfer of startup technologies to business units.

Promotion      There is a war for startups. We will make sure you will become relevant for the world best startups.

Events       We offer a set of event formats specifically targeted towards fostering the brand or your organisation in  the venture community, as well as to source and network and educate your startups. 

Foresight     A new technology appears that is dominated by startups (Blockchain, AI, …) and you do not know how your organisation will be impacted? We can help define if and how startups will be an opportunity or threat.