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We offer you a one-stop experts line up, from which you can benefit immediately and as flexible as you need. Only those experts you really need – without the Agency Overhead.


We use our long-year expertise to offer you every know-how and resources needed, providing instant individual consulting. We evaluate your success factors, your pains, and your gains. This way we can give you the advice and only those resources you really need and want. Fair, fast and flexible.


We want to enable you to grow your business and we believe that new types of businesses require new ways of collaboration. Instead of agency overhead and multiple long meetings, we provide you with access to know-how within a team of entrepreneurs. Think about an “Accelerating Pop Up Agency” and you get the idea.

Why we’re different – and good for you

Enjoy the best
strategies and execution combined together

It is not only about a slide deck with a concept.

Together with your teams, we help you care out the most promising ideas and evaluate the market possibilities and strategies.

We don’t stop there but reach out into our vast networks to find the perfect support to build the first prototypes and MLPs (most loveable product).

And we don’t even stop now.

When it comes to reaching out into new and old markets and making new and old customers excited about your idea, we’re there to support your teams in being successful.

Our Services

Tech Team Building

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CDO As A Service

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Product Strategy

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Digital Business

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Mentoring & Advisory

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Venture Consulting

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Our philosophy

do, don’t talk

We truly believe in doing more and talking less. The result of our work should not only be a nicely designed slide deck but a tangible result, namely a product. We have built and launched so many services successfully, that we know that only talking about possibilities will not bring anything to life. We love to see things grow and products are built. And we love to follow our passion.


a selection of what we’ve done so far

Blockchain in production environments
Messaging and communication platforms
E-commerce platforms and infrastructures
App and web development
International team building
Digital product creation

Our Team

Bernhard Hecker

Co-Founder / Munich

Bernhard has already been in product management in tech companies for more than 30 years until now…

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Martin Wartig

Co-Founder / Berlin

Martin has been in project and product management for large and successful B2B and B2C tech brands for more than 19 years.

Our Clients

We had and have the honor to support some of the greatest companies on their journey

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