Who we are

Value.Digital was founded by Bernhard Hecker and Martin Wartig.

We’re based in Berlin and Munich

We’re both product managers at heart.

Our expertise is in product management for digital products in B2B and B2C

After 30 years in B2B product management and 28 years in B2C, the two founders have seen many things, made many mistakes and are happy to support you with their expertise, and, if needed, with their vast network.

Getting into your organisation and helping you with the right set of tools and knowledge to make an positive impact is our primary goal.

Product Management is to us...

not only the common umbrella, to fit your entire organisation under. It is a craft.

Above all else Product Managers are computer and social scientists. Product Management is about orchestration, communication, and leadership. It’s not about having the answer; it’s about knowing (or, more often, figuring out) how to best go about finding the answer. There are essentially 5 pillars to product management:

Evidence-based decision making; Communications; Operational & product excellence; Influence & leadership and Innovation

We’re here to help your organisation and teams to get most efficient in these core competencies

What we do

We offer you a one-stop experts line up, from which you can benefit immediately and as flexible as you need. Only those experts you really need – without the Agency Overhead.

How we do it

We use our long-year expertise to offer you every know-how and resources needed, providing instant individual consulting. We evaluate your success factors, your pains, and your gains. This way we can give you the advice and only those resources you really need and want. Fair, fast and flexible.

Why we exist

We want to enable you to grow your business and we believe that new types of businesses require new ways of collaboration. Instead of agency overhead and multiple long meetings, we provide you with access to know-how within a team of entrepreneurs. Think about an “Accelerating Pop Up Agency” and you get the idea.